Tendyron attended GovernmentWare Security Conference 2013 in Singapore

The GovernmentWare Security Conference which is hosted by the Interior Ministry of Singapore was held in the SUNTEC Convention Center October 1, 2013. Tendyron, along with other world renowned information and technology companies and national security organizations were invited to attend.

The GovernmentWare Security Conference originated in 1991 and was the first national security conference in Singapore targeted to network attack and defense. The theme of this year is “defining next generation strategies for network defense”, covering issues like security in infrastructure, network, virtualization, mobile and wireless; infrastructure protection of key information; security of applications and software, and response to security incidents and repair. The goal is to enhance the awareness of and quicken the response to internet attack, so as to strengthen International cooperation and management.

Tendyron conducted vigorous propaganda of its exclusive core technology and safe, convenient and highly compatible payment products. We carefully prepared demonstrations of mobile payment products and operational processes to explain the information security technology. The vivid interpretation attracted a large number of people. We also delivered two speeches to promote mobile payment applications, introducing the development of new mobile payment technology and its application to various industries in the field of security. The speeches won concerns and unanimously approval among attendees.

Through this exhibition, Tendyron efficiently promoted information security technology, online banking and security solutions of mobile payment application, which is of great significance for companies to learn from each other, combat cyber security threats, and create a secure and reliable online trading environment, so as to promote the development of e-commerce technology.