Tendyron OnKey193D4S Obtained FIPS Certification

Tendyron “OnKey193D4S” obtained FIPS Certification of the United States this month, meaning its performance meets the security requirements of FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certification for cryptographic modules.

Tendyron OnKey193D4S is our second generation USB Key designed to secure online banking transactions. With its built-in high-performance smart card chip, OnKey193D4S supports encryption algorithms including RSA and AES to ensure the safe storage of digital certificates, as well as key generation, encryption & decryption and digital signature within the card.

Tendyron OnKey193D4S, based on its patented technology HIP “human interactive peripheral" combined with the built-in screen and control buttons, provides two-factor authentication and digitally signs transaction data to effectively protect each transaction.

FIPS certification, issued by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology, is one of the mandatory standards US government adopted for collecting, storing, transferring, sharing and disseminating sensitive information. Obtaining FIPS certification is a significant milestone and ensures that our products meet the most stringent international standards.

Currently, Tendyron is in the process of certifying our third-generation mobile PKI token.